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by Dom_broo98 at 2:35 PM
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We have finished skyblock and are ready for it to open.

It will open tonight at 19:00 GMT+1, English Time.

Here is a countdown for it to make it easier.
by Dom_broo98 at 12:54 AM
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I know most people on the forums don't even want to be apart of the community and have no intention of joining back. For that reason I'm stating from now, if I see someone trying to destroy the community in anyway, and I continuously see them hating on the server or players in every thread, I will remove you, like I have removed others already.

This is a forum, used for the server. I don't want to see it break down due to certain individuals using the wrong behavior and get away with it. I will give you all 1 warning, before I remove you.

Be sure to think twice before posting something racist, offensive, or disturbing. Hopefully one day this can really turn into the Frame Forums, and not the play ground.


I have fully revamped the team-speak to make it look so fancy looking. With 4 areas, each having 4 lounges you have so much space to communicate with your friends. (You can still create private channels).
If you are a donator in game, you can have a...
by Dom_broo98 at 5:58 PM
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I have added multiple new warps to the safe warp board.

One is /warp fpsarena, this is a small arena fit for those who wish to pvp with high fps, good for 1v1s.

Another is /warp potion, you can now buy speed, strength, fire resistance and regeneration potions. Just to add I will not be changing the strength buy to STR II, it will be kept at STR I

Another is /warp sell, I've created a small space where you can sell all your farming items including ores and heads of a few mobs. It offers great prices so it ore worth your time of farming for money.

Lastly is /warp spawner, this is still in progress and sell signs will be added soon!


I've changed the spawner bundles to kits that you gain every 3 weeks. I feel this makes the bundles a lot more worth is in the long run.

Check them out here :

TITAN automatically gets /kit spawnermob in their package now. This makes up for the loss of...
by Dom_broo98 at 6:27 PM
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I have decided to reopen the staff applications.

You can either click the "Staff Applications" button on the top hotbar, or click here:

Make sure you read this before posting your staff application!
by Dom_broo98 at 5:13 PM
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Recently I've been approached by a couple of players with suggestions on how to improve general raiding, without naming them all I'd like to give a quick shout out to @klassikreloadz who helped with the kit :)

For many maps donators have been promised the holy command of /near, which allows you to list players near you at a certain block range. For many resets this has been impossible due to the limitations of some plugins and custom abilities. But now this has changed, finally, after a couple of months, few resets, hundreds of hours donors now have the command:


This command works the same way as /near would do, but you only add a "w" at the front. It still lists players within the block range which depends on what rank you are. Unfortunately if you are below [G-VIP] you DO NOT have...
by Dom_broo98 at 11:24 PM
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Factions reset: Friday 22nd at 19:00 / 7:00PM GMT+1


I'll be glad to tell you all that a reset is planned and on the way next week! We plan to do a full Faction reset on Friday 22nd at 19:00 / 7:00PM GMT+1, be free to revert this time into your timezone as I won't be doing. The reset will bring a new Frame and change all the haters opinions about the server. We have worked very hard to bring this to you in such a state that it is now (being good). New things have been added, some things have been taken out. I will now briefly explain some of the changes as I would like you to explore them for yourself.

Below I have included an online timer that will count down till the event, make sure to sedn it ALL your friends, lets make this reset the best!


The first big change is the first thing you see... the spawn. This spawn is by far the best spawn Frame has had for a while. It's detailed, small, simple and lag...
by Dom_broo98 at 5:02 PM
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Hey, I'm just creating this short thread on the new staff team we have. By no means does this mean it'll stay like this as I have warned the current staff myself that anyone can be promoted and demoted if necessary. Over the past day I have demoted and promoted quite a lot of people and I think it's my job to keep you guys up to date with all the changes.

I have seen lots of good applications that have recently been posted and I will continue to read them, after a few more promotions I will be shutting the staff application section off for the time being. With having such a large staff team, many of which are new I will find it even more difficult to control the quality of how the team performs with having more rookies on the team. So use this time to build up your application for the next season of promotions :)

I would like to take this moment to say thanks to all of those who have shown support for my...
by Dom_broo98 at 1:07 PM
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Right guys, I'm back for good this time. I would like to thank all the people who supported me in gaining this rank back. Like I said I will try my best to restore what frame was, and the only way I will be able to succeed is with you (the communities) help.

The first thing I will aim to restore is the staff, because without staff the server will be over run by hackers and cheaters... and we don't want that! I will be looking to see who is worthy of staff and try to get some of the old players back. Also don't worry about inactive staff because I'm not afraid to demote them.

I will be changing a number of things and fixing current bugs and glitches. I have started to fix spawn of all 3 dimensions and have a ban count of around 50 already! If you have any hackers make sure to msg me or one of the mods, or even better post a thread here :

I'll be patrolling the forums more looking to ban those who want to erupt the communities...
by igztryhard at 6:31 PM
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Due to lack of staff i've decided to promoto some people after reading through some very interesting staff applications:

zDemonicPvPz Helper
XxLegendPvPxX Helper

KKatnissEverdeen Helper
CookieBlazePT Helper

More promotions will come. If you posted an application a while ago and it was not accepted or denied and you're still interested bump it.
by Itouchowls at 5:02 PM
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As many of you may know we have been planing a reset for some time now. Igz has given me the opportunity to help out with this reset so here is somthings were debating.

1. Fix all cooldown
This is a touchy topic but debatable. With a fix all cooldown p4 would be more rare and not as easy to come by, It would also mean fair Pvp since people wouldn't be wasting there fix all to repair 1 set in Pvp if it has a reasonable cooldown. The cooldown would be somthing like 8 hours for e-VIP, 4 for x and 2 for Titan.

2. McMmo
We would like to know if you'd want one of the following
A) McMmo disabled
B) keep it the way it is
C) enable Pvp options. (Axes and swords)

3. Kits
Should pearls be removed from kits so we can but pearls in the shop to sell and buy, with this ender man spawners would be worth buying.

Spawn and shop are both finished. I hope to see you all this map :) any questions or concerns just ask

Please reply to this thread or just tag me in a post with your reply :) thanks.