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by Teddie2000 at 6:19 PM
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Hello guys, i'm here bringing you a little update. Let's just take it from part to part.

We made the "Helper" rank on kitpvp. The people who really did a change, and helped out not only the players, but also the staff are: @iTrippyPvP and @mingustrolle.

Me and corbi have alot of reason why those people are promoted, and no, mingustrolle is not only promoted because i'm his cousin.

We're still looking for staff, make your application here:

Our current builders and our staff build some awesome arenas! (Spawn still in progress)

Brackets: (Builders: @iTrippyPvP)

LMS (Last Man Standing): (Builders: Fortunity_ and @mingustrolle)

I reopened the youtuber rank, atm it will be on kitpvp.

Apply for...
by Dom_Broo98 at 12:44 AM
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Hey guys. You must all be wondering or already know of what has happened over the week on frame. There are many threads explaining it. But I think it's clearer and from a better angle at my point of viewing. Anyone that has been saying that frame was 'hacked' is wrong or miss led due to the last as others. We all know what Brandon and Cyril can do and what they are known for. This doesn't automatically mean that it was like that in this instance.

You might all be wondering how they did it.

They used a tactic which is the falt on skypes side. Social engeneering is how it works. They used igzs dox which they found on the web to trick Skype into thinking it was there account. This is really stupid of Skype as they claimed that this problem or glitch was fixed in the of the recent updates. Obviously it wasn't. I do know that igz has complained towards Skype but no luck yet in getting his account back. So after they obtained his Skype they went forward and did other things with it....
by Dom_Broo98 at 4:31 PM
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Hey again Frame, this update we focused on the kitpvp, we decided it was time to change things around on there. From taking your guys opinions we made it to what you want! So lets get into things!

The kitpvp has now been focused on throughout the last week by me and many of the staff, as we want to improve it to the best it could possibly be!

  • The first thing we did was edit the current kits...
-All kits now have more soup
-Archer has power 1 instead of power 2
-A few adjustments to the potions you get with each kit

  • Adding onto the kits, we also introduced a new kit called lumberjack which can be found on the kit selector you receive when spawning in.

The kit selector looks like this:


The kit will look like this:

More kits will be added in the future!

  • Another thing we added was automessages,...
by Dom_Broo98 at 9:05 PM
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Hello frame, another update has come, bringing you guys closer to frame, to see what we have changed or modified in the past couple of days.

  • Hub
    • Changes
We have added a small player popper plugin, you may have come across it on other hub servers. I believe it would just add a bit of more fun towards the hub, next time your on the hub, test it out, simply by hitting someone. :)
    • Coming Soon
We have been wanting to change the hub for a while, so i finally got chance to build a new one. This took me a long time to make, and a lot of corrections to correct. But this is what the final product looks like, and will becoming our new hub within the next few days.


Some current features will be kept on the hub, such as the popper plugin, but more will be added to...​
by Dom_Broo98 at 12:34 AM
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Hey guys, this update was focused more on the faction server, but also few implementations to other servers as well, lets get started :

  • We have finally decided to bring back the health bar, lots of people have been asking for it, and this time it will stay, it looks a bit like this:


  • I have also took the time to remove all the water around the warzone, players your moaning about the water pvp, and that players would use the water to their advantage to get away from a fight, not anymore! This applies for grass and tall grass, i know that it is really annoying when pvping in a huge plains with grass, most players aim down when hitting, and some shots are blocked by the grass, this is the reason for me removing it from the warzone. While on the topic of warzone, i have tried my best to create it a better pvp area, if you are in any doubt, or find an area...
by Dom_Broo98 at 5:15 PM
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Hello guys, i will be starting to update you people on the forums, so you know whats been happening within the weeks. So stay tuned in weekly to see whats been updated!

Coming Soon!
FramePvP jail server will be opening soon, we have the main structure of the jail and all mines set up, keep your eyes open for it appearing on the FramePvP hub very soon!

Whats new?

  • Factions
We are now looking for your suggestions, on anything, mostly on factions. We are looking for any sort of suggestions you can give us to help us improve the in game play or the community. Currently we have two threads open for discussion where you guys can put your ideas down. Both links are below:

  • KitPvP
We have been numerous updates with the KitPvP, we have taken away the shop and money, also all ranks that were carried over...
by igztryhard at 10:02 PM
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On sunday the 20th of April we will be hosting an easter egg hunt to celebrate easter together.

Make sure you're on the factions server at
4.00PM EST Time
9.00PM GMT

As we will be hosting this event only once.

Remember it's 35% off everything only for two more days!
by igztryhard at 4:12 PM
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The reason to the recent network issues is because of a Fiber cut.
The issue is yet to be resolved, we will keep you updated!

Update: Issue has been solved and network is up and running!
Sorry for any inconvenience.
by igztryhard at 1:26 PM
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Happy valentines day!
To celebrate valentines day, we're giving you 20% off whole basket.
Just enter coupon code "valentines" and the discount will be applied!
by igztryhard at 5:43 PM
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Welcome to our new forum!
Instead of Enjin, this is running on Xenforo which is a much more comlex but better forum software in my opinion.

There are major changes to both the forums and the server.

Instead of just positive and negative ratings you can use these:

You can now report a player publicly and the staff applications are available at the forums aswell! Even faction recruitment got its own thread.

The voting page will look much different with clickable banners which takes you to the voting sites. (Not fully implemented)
In the future we are looking to make this more user friendly :)

Tag people using @{Forumname}

Server Changes:

  • Sprinting with Ctrl is now much more reliable and should not make you go rubber banding the whole time. However, I talked to the dev of nocheat and he told me this: [​IMG] Which means it won't be completely fixed. But it will be a lot better.
  • Factions server...