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by freebecky ☂ at 11:36 PM
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A lot of talk about frame recently is that it's going nowhere..

I personally think we can still comeback but there is a lot of work to be done, not a reset or anything.. We have been trying to fix problems with resets but that's not working.. I think we need to fix them head-on, we need to figure out what is keeping players and what is steering them away from frame.

We are working on releasing the kitpvp server sometime in June, probably early June... The kitpvp server will be a economy kitpvp server which takes a lot of grinding to actually get good armor and such, hopefully the kitpvp server can give us a kick start on gaining a bigger player base.

Skyblock has been dead, I don't see it coming back unless we completely remake it, honestly remaking the skyblock still wouldn't be worth it because there is so much other gamemodes we can focus on, so much other gamemodes that can help us more then skyblock..

Skywars dropped from 100 to 60, 60 to 0, literally right after igz...
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If you wish to sign up please do so here, include your ign.

May 22nd, 12 PM Eastern!

we will be providing armor, please come to the event with a clear inventory and no armor.
by XxHolyPvperxX at 8:03 PM
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Hey guys,
We are bringing back KOTH!

For now we only have 1 KOTH map. The staff team will work on building more koths the next 4 weeks.

We made a schedule, we will host a KOTH almost every time around these times[EVERY WEEK]:

Tuesday: 8:00 PM GMT / 5:00 PM EST
Friday: 8:00 PM GMT / 5:00 PM EST
Saturday: 8:00 PM GMT / 5:00 PM EST
Sunday: 8:00 PM GMT / 5:00 PM EST
Keep in mind we will try to keep following this schedule but sometimes we might host the koths earlier or later.

if you guys have any suggestions please tell a staff member in game or on the forums!

by freebecky ☂ at 6:11 AM
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We are going to delay the reset atleast 1 more week to give us more time to implement the things we would like to add.

As most of you know we made the switch back to 1.7 so there is a lot more work involved, we are truly sorry for the players who threw away their items last minute thinking there was a reset around the corner.

We know the player base has been dropping but hopefully with this map reset it will hop back up!

We can confirm a few things for next map -
+ 1.7
+ /Near for e-vip and above (radius increases the higher the rank.)
+ /Tnt for x-vip and above with a 2 hour cooldown.
+ /fix all cooldown of 30 minutes
+ better shop prices, harder to get overpowered (takes more time)
+ God apples are re-enabled.
+ End is back, with a world border of 1kx1k
+ We will beable to xray check bases and ban the xrayer but not able to roll back the base.

Things of stuff we would like to add -
+ /Sneak
by igztryhard at 10:23 AM
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Due to recent complaints and suggestions, we've reversed the recent change and decided to not keep the server updated to the latest version(1.9).
Instead we've downgraded to allow both 1.7 and 1.8 clients.
Factions is however still 1.8 only (may change in the future)
by freebecky ☂ at 8:40 PM
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So, march break just started (for me atleast)

  • Igz has given me permission to put up a coupon, you can use this coupon on ANYTHING on the buycraft, this coupon is 20% your entire basket, enjoy! Code is MarchBreak
  • We added back Unban Fee for the same price of $15, the unban fee unbans you on skyblock, skywars and factions. (1 time use)

We would like to get more youtubers, if you guys have any contact with some youtubers please let us know. The Youtubers will receive a Youtube rank.
+ 500+ Subs
+ Daily Viewers
+ Must Upload Daily Content
+ Must Upload Videos of FramePvP

by igztryhard at 7:12 PM
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Sometime during this week we will fully drop support for 1.7 clients on the hub server.
We will also be starting to convert over to 1.8/1.9 on all servers but factions shortly after allowing 1.9 clients on the hub.
by freebecky ☂ at 1:42 AM
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We Need More Applications!
Do you think you have what it takes?

Apply on the forums, make sure you write as much as you can and give us the most information as possible, we are always looking at staff applications and they are never ignored, if you don't get a response within 48 hours your application is either being looked at still or we like your application and we are studying how you are in-game.

We have a new youtuber!
+ 500+ Subs
+ Daily Viewers
+ Must Upload Daily Content
+ Must Upload Videos of FramePvP
New Youtuber is just starting back I believe but hes gonna make a few videos on frame!

We already replaced the spawn with a more detailed one and we are about to replace the shop, hopefully you guys will like the changes!

We know the Koth hasn't been used much but we will start doing koths more daily.

The Rank tags have been...
by Itouchowls at 2:53 PM
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Hello everyone, to start off i'm glad to say we're quite pleased with the amount of players that we gained prior to having a reset on the factions server. As most of you know, potpvp won the vote of what PvP style framepvp2.0 should become. Due to our decision of switching over to potions we have had a lot of complaints thus we have decided too BRING BACK SOUP! We are planning on re-adding the fast-soup plugin on the first of February.

List of changes:
- addition of
fast soup plugin
- addition of mob arena plugin (possible)
- There will be a /kit souppvp and /kit potpvp for players to choose between splash healing potions and soup for their healing method.
- possible /shop which will be a virtual shop to buy/sell items

As well with this update we will be doing Two...
by freebecky ☂ at 10:28 PM
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We have decided to start doing koths everyday!

The times we will do the koths is around 3-4 Eastern Timezone :D

We recently made a hardcore koth arena in the end. KOTH will only happen here on saturday and sunday, every weekday it will be at sanctuary arena (/warp sanctuary)

Note: The first koth in the new arena will be held on saturday at 4 PM Eastern Timezone, hope to see you then!

This is what the new koth looks like!