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by Spratzy at 9:44 PM
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The make-up DP was held today, 2/3 (Was basically a surprise dp)

The DP That was planned will be held on saturday 10AM Eastern.

Hopefully this will be good enough for both, NA And EU players.

See you then!
by Itouchowls at 4:32 PM
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Hey everyone. The drop party will be held at 3pm eastern Standard time or 9pm central European time. There will be another drop party later this week for anyone whom missed this announcement. See everyone soon

- luv owls
by Itouchowls at 2:53 PM
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Hello everyone, to start off i'm glad to say we're quite pleased with the amount of players that we gained prior to having a reset on the factions server. As most of you know, potpvp won the vote of what PvP style framepvp2.0 should become. Due to our decision of switching over to potions we have had a lot of complaints thus we have decided too BRING BACK SOUP! We are planning on re-adding the fast-soup plugin on the first of February.

List of changes:
- addition of
fast soup plugin
- addition of mob arena plugin (possible)
- There will be a /kit souppvp and /kit potpvp for players to choose between splash healing potions and soup for their healing method.
- possible /shop which will be a virtual shop to buy/sell items

As well with this update we will be doing Two...
by Spratzy at 10:28 PM
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We have decided to start doing koths everyday!

The times we will do the koths is around 3-4 Eastern Timezone :D

We recently made a hardcore koth arena in the end. KOTH will only happen here on saturday and sunday, every weekday it will be at sanctuary arena (/warp sanctuary)

Note: The first koth in the new arena will be held on saturday at 4 PM Eastern Timezone, hope to see you then!

This is what the new koth looks like!
by igztryhard at 2:38 PM
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Skywars will soon be updated to fix bugs, improve performance and much more. In order for us to do this we will have to cut down on some of the inactive players.
If you are a player on skywars and have not been online for the past 4 months, please do so as everyone that has not joined and played a game of skywars since October 2015 will have their score reset.
by zHopsin at 2:55 AM
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Hello everyone, we are in need of helpers that can really change frame around to good and keep the community toxic free. If you want to apply for Helper simply just click the tab where it says "Staff Applications" above this post. Just remember when you write it be sure to be very clear on what your explaining and of course punctuation and grammar.

(Note: Please know not to ask any staff members to view your app... This will cause instant denial for you and you will have to re-apply next month.)

Good Luck!
by Sxa at 8:16 PM
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As you all know, the first King of the Hill event was supposed to happen last Sunday at 4:00 eastern standard time. Since the server was down we had to reschedule it. I'm going to make this just short and simple, the first KoTH will be taking place this Saturday at 3:00 EST.

Due to the server being down on Sunday, there will also be another King of The Hill event the Friday after the first event. This will be taking place hopefully around 5:00 EST

Hope to see you all this time FOR REAL. :)
by XxHolyPvperxX at 6:27 PM
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Skyblock improvements and updates!
Hello guys!
as some of you guys may know fido gave me a chance to help out frame even more and gave me the permission to ''run'' skyblock. I am admin on skyblock now. I made some improvements and added some things in this thread I am going to show you what I improved and updated!

To start things off I will start with the best update!

Update 1.
I added a new island with a house. In the house you can find information about skyblock and the rules! this will help new players.

Credits to @creeperlover91 for helping me add the signs!
Update 2.
Itouchowls made the donatorshop and I just finished it! it is now finally open!
by Spratzy at 3:32 AM
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CountDown Timer Be


Okay, since ultimateraygun deleted both announcements i'm remaking them.
The set date for the map reset is January 8th 5PM Eastern time

Following will be completed/Might for map reset!
• Factions Prefixes (Tags) will be changed, color is confirmed name isn't. (Color has been changed)

• Fix hand will be added to B-VIP. (With a cooldown of 12 hours) (ADDED)

• Server will be POTPVP! (ADDED)

• MCMMO will be removed!...
by igztryhard at 1:00 PM
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I'm back home from my vacation and have done some updates, mostly to factions and skywars.

  • Added mcMMO (Disabled Skills in combat)
  • Due to high demand i've reduced WarZone (from 65 Chunks to 20 Chunks around spawn)
  • Scoreboard signs color changed from yellow to red to be easier to read
  • Will be updated to 1.8 shortly with a new anti cheat system.

  • Added 4 new maps
    Clay, Highlands, Iceland, Leaves
  • Optimized spawn for better FPS
  • Details added around Spawn portal
  • Unloading of chunks should no longer be so messy (Less lag after longer periods of uptime)
  • You are now rewarded with money aswell as the old points when you get a kill
    Money will in the future have an important use